THE CLEAN is a dark comedy exploring the strange world and relationships of three 20-something friends – two guys and a girl – looking to break out of their dead-end (pun intended) jobs by starting their own crime scene cleanup business: THE CLEAN.
Their motto?
“We Punch In When You Punch Out.”



Half-hour, single camera comedy series:
Each episode will feature a death – accidental or otherwise – that our intrepid crew must somehow clean up. However, the main thrust of the show focuses on our main characters (a squeamish jock, a recovering sex addict, and a perpetual slacker) as they wrestle with their many demons.



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Main Characters

Ava Frost (Lara Hickman)

20-ish, smart & sexy blonde, forensic pathologist and sex-addict is tired of being the object of EVERYONE’S desires. Ava grew up the only daughter of a single dashing playboy Dad – NICK BOND (think Don Draper) - who taught his daughter everything he thought she should know about the art of seduction. Ava changed her name to Frost (an homage to strong, sexy comic-book heroine Emma Frost) to put some distance between her and the family, and to silence the inevitable comments about being a “Bond Girl”. But when Ava hit her teens, she put her father’s lessons to good use, and thus began a strange competition between father and daughter to see who could bag more sexual trophies. It’s not your typical father/daughter relationship, but - somehow – it works - at least until Ava attracts the unwanted attentions of her mortician co-worker PETER PIPER (Frankie Muniz), and decides to A. Get out of the hospital work environment, and B. Into Sex Addiction Therapy with DR. ANASTASIA SPARKS (Luenell). Ava is the brains (and boobs) of THE CLEAN.


Anderson Larssonson, III (Lars Slind)

20-ish, Nordic blonde Adonis is sick of working as the only straight bartender at a WeHo gay bar (though nobody rocks rainbow knee-socks and a mesh tank quite like Anderson) and fending off the indecent proposals of the clientele. Anderson is the 7th son of a 7th son, born into a family of Icelandic World’s Strongest Man competitors (and more than a few champions). Anderson’s Father, DAG, parlayed his World’s Strongest Man status into an unfortunately named fish-based global nutrition/sports drink empire: CODPIECE. Anderson is the runt of the family and struggles with some serious inferiority issues. His family keeps trying to bring him back into the fold and join Team Codpiece, but Anderson is determined to make it on his own without the family fish fortune. Sensitive to the point of being painful to watch, Anderson must learn to conquer his supernatural squeamishness to be part of THE CLEAN team. Anderson’s hobby is writing “pre-emptive eulogies” for his friends – tributes that he shares with them BEFORE they die. He may or may not have bagged Ava at some point – both were drunk to the point of brain damage at the time – but, regardless, they are close friends.


Ethaniel Khalil Lovejoy (Justin Shenkarow)

20-ish, the nerd of the group. Ethaniel grew up in the inner city, the only white kid in the black ‘hood. After his parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances Ethaniel was adopted by an affluent black MINISTER’S family who are appalled by his Hip-Hop leanings - Ethaniel is the Eminem in a group of all-black rappers known as DEATH ROW OREOS. Ethaniel had barely worked a day in his life before joining his two closest pals as part of THE CLEAN team. He is still – technically – a virgin. He is also obsessed with blood, guts, and anything most normal people would consider seriously disgusting.


Peter Peckwood
(Frankie Muniz)

30-something mortician PETER PIPER has a serious jones for Ava - it drives him CRAZY (literally) that he’s pretty much the only guy she has refused to sleep with. Peter appears harmless on the surface, but as the series unfolds, he gets more deeply in touch with his inner psychotic and is revealed in Season 2 to be a Dexter- type serial killer who leaves clues at crime scenes that only the object of his obsessed desire (Ava) can decipher. He hates that he has the name of a Nursery Rhyme character and is constantly being teased about “Picking pecks of pickle peppers”.
Co-workers often refer to him as PP, or simply “Pecker”.


Dr. Anastasia Sparks (Luenell)

50-something Sex Addiction Therapist Dr. Anastasia Sparks believes in a “take no prisoners”, “keep the beast caged” approach to sex addiction, which doesn’t sit well with AVA.
Dr. Sparks rips Ava a new one at her first 12-Step meeting, telling her to “Walk out the door and cross over ‘Who Gives a Fuck Boulevard’…” if she isn’t willing to do the work.

It’s tough love - and exactly what Ava needs, even if she doesn’t really want it. Regardless, Dr. Sparks will engage in a long and arduous battle to get both Ava and her “urges” under control.



Blake Ross

(No, we didn’t actually get Alec Baldwin for this… but we might…)

40/50-something – Owner and proprietor of MR. CLEANER, the rival crime scene clean team. Blake is as Type A, “don’t-fuck-with-my-livelihood” as they come, and if there is one thing he HATES, it’s unworthy competition. When his business starts falling off Blake looks for the source and finds THE CLEAN. He makes it his life’s mission to stomp our 3 hapless amigos out of existence. Except for Ava. He would totally bang Ava if she gave him the time of day...


Detective Carter

(Mark Christopher Lawrence)

50-Perpetually disgruntled Detective Carter has had it rough: too many years (and too many bodies) on the force, a bitter divorce and a drinking problem compile into a pessimistic outlook for this cop.
He does, however, get THE CLEAN crew some outstanding business opportunities - Los Angeles is never short of bloody, bloody murder. This creates a conflict of interest for the detective, but, at this point, Carter doesn’t give a fuck about that… or anything else for that matter.


Tony Cinzano

(Someone working on THE CLEAN actually DOES know Matti Leshem… may have banged him once… and can probably get him to play this role…)

Late 40’s, totally tricked out annoyingly upscale biker dude, a.k.a. leader of the BIKE-SEXUAL gang who lives in Anderson and Ethaniel’s neighborhood and call themselves TEAM CINZANO. If there’s a bespoke suit, private jet, Cuban cigar, silver-tipped walking stick, or single-malt whiskey Tony Cinzano hasn’t tried and found wanting, we’d like to see it.


Luna Marbles

(Obviously we didn’t REALLY get Emma Thompson for this, but you get the idea)

A 40-something PSYCHIC who workswith the police department helping them solve various cases…or IS she? Anderson believes in her abilities whole-heartedly, but Ava and Ethaniel are more suspicious.
Is she the real deal? Or just playing them to put them off the scent while rival crime scene clean up boy Blake Ross reclaims his turf? Guess you’ll have to watch the series to find out…







After working as the video coordinator for the Brown University football program, Paul began directing on ABC News, Providence. In 2001, he relocated to Los Angeles and started working in TV and film as a writer, director, producer and editor on projects ranging from number one, prime time network shows like The X-Factor, Biggest Loser, The Bachelorette and MTV’s Virgin Territory, to independent films and comedy shorts.

Paul's credits include FOX, Warner Brothers, Universal, MGM, ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, A&E, E!, Bravo, CW, VH1, Discovery and TLC. Several of his films earned accolades at film festivals across the country and were featured on The Soup and Funny and Funny or Die.

THE CLEAN is the first half-hour pilot Paul wrote, directed and edited.



Elisa is an award-winning EP/showrunner/writer with hundreds of hours of reality and documentary television credits to her name for networks like Bravo, A&E, Discovery, TLC, E!, Style, LOGO, and Lifetime. Elisa created the first scripted television series in history to be written, produced, and directed entirely by women, “Women: Stories of Passion” for Showtime and Playboy. She wrote the feature film “Delta of Venus” based on the collection of Anais Nin stories for director Zalman King, and wrote the highly acclaimed Family Channel movie “Rugged Gold” starring Jill Eikenberry and Grahame Green. Steeped in fashion, style, pop culture and celebrity, Elisa is also a digital Showrunner for "Clevver Now", a pop culture/celebrity web series for Verizon's go90 app produced by YouTube juggernaut Defy Media.


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